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The Morning After: Groundhog Morning

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Of all the reasons I am not a political reporter, the greatest is that, media junkie though I am, the idea of being compelled to watch the Sunday talk shows every weekend is the most depressing thing I can imagine. So even this weekend, as President Obama did a round of five Sunday shows, including Univision’s, I was at the park with the Tuned In Jrs. Thanks to modern technology, I could catch highlights later of any big news that broke from any of the interviews—which, so far, appears to be precisely none—and watching five anchors receive five similar versions of the same message in the same room is, to me, like Groundhog Day remade as a torture movie.

Other people tolerate the Sunday shows better, or even consider them part of their comforting morning ritual. That’s fine; I happen to prefer doughnuts. Anyway, you can read Michael Scherer’s take here, and feel free to add your own. And those of you who do watch the Sunday shows: which is your favorite, and why?