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TV Defeats Literary Criticism

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You know that I don’t normally shill other time.com blog posts, because I am a petty, ungenerous little man despised by my coworkers. But this Nerd World post by Matt Selman is pretty awesome:

Okay, look, I’m fine with people never watching TV. They’re lying, but I understand. I don’t watch that much TV myself. But why do people at parties feel such smug delight at telling you (okay, me), without hesitation, that they don’t watch TV? If you met a dentist at a party, would you announce that you don’t brush your teeth? …

You have probably met precisely this kind of smug person at a social gathering before. What does one do in such a situation? Read the post and you will know exactly what to do, if you are Matt Selman and write for The Simpsons. Otherwise, simply read it and take sweet vicarious revenge.