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Photo by dbmor10. Reproduced by Creative Commons license.

Photo by dbmor10. Reproduced by Creative Commons license.

OK, I know what you’re thinking: Didn’t Poniewozik just go on vacation? And you’re right, I did, although in my defense, I don’t actually take real vacations, because TV criticism is not a real job.

Normally in August I take off two weeks in a row; this year I had to reschedule one week because of an assignment, which is why I’m taking two separate weeks so close together. After this, you’re pretty much stuck with me through the holidays.

Anyhow, since next week is arguably the slowest week of the year for TV (and everything else), Robo-James and I have prepared you a special treat: Robo-James’ Time Machine.

Every day next week, I’ll have a post, usually with video, on some esoteric item from TV history. With luck, I’ll also have something up on Mad Men after it airs, because this coming episode is awesome. Maybe an extra post or two as events warrant. And you can also find me on Twitter, where I’ll probably be updating you on my staycation with the out-of-camp-but-not-yet-in-school Tuned In Jrs. Expect mini-golf.

See you after Labor Day. And if you’re still ticked that I’m going on vacation again, take heart: I work in the media. That means that someday very soon, my entire business sector will go under, and then we’ll all have all the vacation we can stand! And then Robo-James will have to go out and get himself a damn job.

[Photo by dbmor10. Reproduced by Creative Commons license.]