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TV Tonight (and Tomorrow): Knives vs. Needles!

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Tonight, Top Chef returns to Bravo, with season 6, set in Las Vegas. Tomorrow, the show’s estranged big sibling, Project Runway, returns after a long, litigation-induced absence, on a new network (Lifetime) and with new producers.

My headline aside, it’s not like anyone has to choose between the two shows, which the networks had the sense not to schedule against each other. But it will be an interesting case study in “absence makes the heart grow fonder” vs. “out of sight, out of mind.”

Top Chef just ended its last season a few months ago, and that’s if you don’t count Top Chef Masters. Project Runway has been gone over a year. It’s possible that some viewers are burned out on Chef while others have lost their Runway Jones after such a long absence; or the reverse could be true.

Personally, for some reason I’m slightly more eager for Top Chef’s season, but that could change once I actually watch Runway again. (Bravo sent an advance screener, Lifetime did not, ahem ahem.) In any case, I’ll gladly watch both. Has your appetite for Top Chef been sated? Are you still eager to see Runway’s new fall collection?