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TLC to Exploit Jon & Kate Divorce with Great Care, Sensitivity

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I was off-campus for a good chunk of press tour yesterday, so I missed the presentations from Discovery Networks. The biggest news to come out of them was the network’s announcement of plans for resuming Jon & Kate Plus Eight, starring the now-divorcing Gosselins and their eight children.

Reports the LA Times, the show will lose the famous interview couch, speaking to Jon and Kate separately in chairs, while it covers their lives as single parents. TLC President Eileen O’Neill said the network would treat the situation “in a respectful and sensitive way.”

And what of any potential dates Jon and Kate start bringing into their lives? (Jon’s resumed dating has already been well-covered in the tabs.) The network left the door open to including them in the show, saying it would treat it on a “case by case” basis. 

Oh, that won’t be awkward at all. The show returns Monday. Get ready to meet your new “aunts” and “uncles,” America!