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The Emmys Get a Trim

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One more non-press-tour news item: How are the Emmys going to make room for all those additional nominees in its big categories? Apparently, Variety is reporting, by cutting some not-so-big categories from the telecast. The awards for movie and miniseries, and for drama-series writing, will be presented out of primetime.

Oh, and guess what? You know how the broadcast networks are eternally ticked off that the Emmys have become a commercial for their cable rivals, simply because of the totally unfair fact that cable makes better shows? Well, the ditched categories just happen to be dominated by cable shows from AMC, HBO and Lifetime. 

Other than that, I don’t particularly care about cutting back categories per se. I mean, some deserving people will look some public recognition. But I’ve always believed that, once you cut the deal to broadcast your awards on primetime TV, the awards aren’t for the nominees anymore; they’re for the home audience. 

So what do you say about the change, home audience?