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Lost, NBC Try to Rewrite History

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Little time to blog this morning, but I’ll start you off with some discussion topics:

* I’m still not sure how seriously to take all the videos at the Lost Comic-Con panel, but having seen some of it so far (the hotel wifi was not being entirely co-operative), they’re at least thought-provoking. Several of the vids suggest that we’re going to see an alternative universe in which the bomb blast did change time and avert the crash of Oceanic 815. Or maybe the producers just want us to imagine what that would be like, and talk about it. So please do.

* Ben Silverman ditched NBC, a not-entirely-surprising move considering how his two years at the top of the network were filled with bombs (My Own Worst Enemy, Knight Rider), blows to NBC’s reputation (I’m a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here, Knight Rider) and PR disasters (news of wild partying, serially insulting the heads of almost every other network, Knight Rider).

Still I don’t want to pile on Silverman. He’s talented at developing shows and sensing TV trends (make fun of all of his “product integrations,” but TV is going to have to pay for itself somehow), and we have, for instance, The Office and Ugly Betty. He was simply not good at programming NBC with original programming, so let’s hope Jeff Zucker is installing people who are. Because Jay Leno can only work so much.  

More assignment stuff this morning, then I should be blogging a bit more later in the week, from the Television Critics Association sessions here in Pasadena. Talk amongst yourselves.