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Programming Note

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I’m traveling and on assignment for the next couple of days, so don’t expect too much blogging Monday or Tuesday. Try to be strong. For the children’s sake.

Actually, this begins a weird several weeks for me, so here’s a quick overview of what to expect, or not:

Starting Wednesday, I’ll be in Pasadena for a few days, for the cable-TV portion of the Television Critics’ Association press tour—the first time I’ve attended in a couple years. (Tim Goodman has a good explainer of the event, where reporters and critics meet the people who make TV, for which he coined the name “Death March with Cocktails.”) I may miss some of it on various business, but I’ll blog on whatever’s especially interesting, or uninteresting as the case may be.

After that… next week I’ll be back in the office, but may be blogging less than usual because of an assignment. Then I’m on vacation the week of August 10. Then—from August 17 through Labor Day—I’ll be switching between working and taking staycation with the Tuned In Jrs., who are out of school, a week here, a couple days there. After Labor Day, things will be something like normal. 

Bottom line: I’ll be blogging, except when I’m not. Also, follow me on Twitter if you want to get my 140-character impressions from press tour, or my experience with the airport security line. See you in a couple days.