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You Are Dead To Me, Emmy! Who Must Be Nominated?

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If I were a good, traffic-generating blogger, I’d have done a whole series of run-ups this week to the Emmy nominations, category by category. Bad blogger, bad! But since the nominations are coming out tomorrow morning, now’s a good time to sound you out on it.

So I ask: if you could pick one performer or show who absolutely must be honored this year, who or what would it be? Who is the one actor/actress (or what is the one show) that you feel the Emmys must nominate, or forever be dead to you? 

I think I’ve been on record as saying that Big Love has been perennially and criminally overlooked, so I will say any of the lead actresses—forced to pick one, I’ll say Chloe Sevigny.

I’m not expecting much, though. I think the Emmys are pretty much used to being dead to me by now.