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The Morning After: Againtourage

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HBO’s Entourage returned last night. I’d put up a spoiler alert, but we’re talking about Entourage, so things progress at their own leisurely pace. How leisurely? Enough that Jay Leno is still hosting the Tonight Show. My Name Is Earl is still on the air, and a hit. Perhaps this was the result of a scheduling or production change. Perhaps the season is deliberately taking place in the past—spring? 2008? earlier?—and will eventually catch up to our present.

Or perhaps, we are gradually discovering, Entourage takes place in an alternative universe whose differences from ours are only gradually being revealed. Perhaps in this world, Leno was never replaced by Conan! NBC is a thriving network whose sitcoms dominate the top ten! And the British won the Revolutionary War!

Entourage as an elaborate counterhistorical mystery might interest me a lot; another season of Entourage as we know it, not so much. So don’t expect a lot of blogging on it this season, though I’ll be sticking around for Hung. Your thoughts on either?