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There's a Party in Central Park's Tummy!

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Because TIME is a national magazine and the Web is worldwide, I try not to post much regional news here. But because Yo Gabba Gabba! is a personal obsession of mine (even though the Tuned In Jrs. rarely watch it now), I must tell any Tuned Inlanders in the New York area that DJ Lance Rock and Brobee of Nickelodeon’s psychedelic-rave toddlers’ show will be performing at Central Park’s Summerstage Sunday. (Appropriately enough, my birthday.) I recommend it to anyone with kids. Also, anyone without kids, with or without the influence of psychoactive drugs. (Such as sugar.)

As a taste, and for the purpose of explaining this post’s title, allow me to present Mr. DJ Lance Rock and Brobee themselves. WARNING: Do not operate heavy machinery after watching: