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Dead Tree Alert II: State the Case

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Also in this week’s print TIME, I recommend the long-overdue complete series set of The State, which I worshipped on MTV when it started airing in the early ’90s. I had plans to expand on my brief Short List review for the blog. Ah, sweet foolish dreams! Other blog topics, screeners to screen, and print-magazine work demand otherwise, but I’ll point you to Alan Sepinwall’s interview with David Wain (about, among other things, why the DVD took so long to come out). And I’ll let The State speak for itself (and hope that Viacom understands the YouTube embed for the greater purpose of praising this underrated show): 

And for my favorite (but unembeddable) State sketch ever, click here. But then get the DVD. Awww, yeah! It’s that time. You knaw it’s that time.