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The Morning After: TC, SYTYCD, AGT

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For today’s Morning After, a look at the night in reality TV: 

1. I’m saving Top Chef Masters to watch tonight. But because it was on, and because it featured Neil Patrick Harris—who will host the Emmys and should be on all television shows—feel free to discuss in the comments. 

2. I did watch So You Think You Can Dance last night, as part of my summer project to understand the show’s success. That sounds more negative than I mean it. Whenever I watch the show, I enjoy it—in a way I can’t honestly say I’ve ever enjoyed Dancing with the Stars—and last night I especially dug the closing number with Brandon and Jeanine. But even when I like a performer, I can’t managed to get attached to one the way I can on American Idol, so I don’t feel as invested. I wonder if singing is just inherently a more emotionally bonding medium than dance. Or should I just blame it on Mary? 

3. America’s Got Talent is apparently on a ratings upswing. Did it get better, or is it just leading the ratings by default? Because I’m pretty sure they didn’t bring Susan Boyle over.