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The Morning After 2: Nurse Jackie's Back

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Ken Regan/Showtime

Ken Regan/Showtime

No time this morning for a writeup of last night’s second episode of Nurse Jackie, but since the first one generated a lot of interest, I wanted to throw open a thread to your comments. (Mild spoilers for those who haven’t watched the series.) As Alan Sepinwall notes, the second episode followed up on the attention-grabbing pilot by showing different aspects of the characters in a different light and less extreme circumstances. (Although getting punched in the nose is not nothing.) But it also introduced the second half of Jackie’s equation by fleshing out her home life—which we barely saw in the pilot since it was saved for the big ending reveal, and adds a lot to her characterization in the upcoming episodes. Other than Anna Deveare Smith’s character—who I continue to think is used to sitcommily—I was as happy with the second episode as the first. Your diagnosis?