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The Morning After: Britain Failed to Get the Memo

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SPOILER ALERT: In the dramatic finale of America’s favorite TV show that does not actually air in America, Britain’s Got Talent, Susan Boyle was upset by Diversity, a dance group. Afterward, according to reports in the British press, Boyle was admitted to a London clinic, for “exhaustion” or an emotional breakdown, depending on the report. 

Not to take anything away from Boyle—and let’s hope she’s well—but as far as I’m concerned, it’s Britain’s business who it thinks has talent; if they don’t want to come after us over Adam Lambert, then their choice is their business.

Of course, people have already drawn the parallel to Lambert’s defeat, arguing that Boyle had become too much of a foregone conclusion and obvious judges’ favorite, possibly sparking a backlash. Not to mention the press reports of a public temper tantrum, which the judges allude to obliquely in the video after the jump, referencing the “pressure” Boyle had been under: 

Is the show to blame for plucking Boyle from obscurity and subjecting her to the pressure of overnight fame? I suppose you can make that argument, but not if you’re one of the many people who a few weeks ago were saying how wonderful it was that the show plucked her from obscurity and rewarded her with a fairytale story of overnight fame.

In any case, whatever singing career was open to Boyle before is surely still there if she wants it—and now she’s in a better position to decide if she wants it at all. Meanwhile, have a look at Diversity, the wicked, wicked dance group who spoiled the world’s prewritten ending: