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Judging American Idol: The Final 2

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“I am the voice in the crowd that needs to be heard.” “I am a dreamer.” “I am a superstar in the making.” And I… am finally writing my last American Idol review of the season!

I kid Idol, but although this was overall not the most memorable batch of contestants, we ended up with an actual suspenseful finale, between two contestants with strong fan bases and distinct, contrasting styles. As Ryan put it: “The acoustic rocker vs. the glam rocker. … The guy next door vs. the guyliner.” (I thought Ryan was going to say “the gay next door,” but in Idol‘s tradition of vaguely homophobic wisecracks, it probably amounted to the same thing.)

My pick? I think Adam was better last night and much better over the season. But I’m going to say Kris, because (1) his surprising strength all season suggests he has a big fan base, (2) I would bet he gained more Danny Gokey voters than Adam did and (3) there’s more I-called-it upside to picking Kris, because more people will probably guess Adam. Your call?

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