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The Morning After: Bringing Home the Bacon

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Robert Voets/CBS

Robert Voets/CBS

Brief spoilers for last night’s season finale of The Amazing Race after the jump: 

No offense to Tammy and Victor, whom I liked just fine, but it was too bad that a season of The Amazing Race that had featured several unlikely contenders should end up being won by the pair whom, in the first episode, Mrs. Tuned In and I pegged as the winners. I don’t claim this makes me some great prognosticator. They’re just the type we’ve seen win, or come close, over and over: an athletic young duo, man-man or man-woman, who may have a few conflicts but generally work together well. 

That said, once Mike and Mel White were out of the race, I wasn’t especially invested in any of the remaining teams. I lost a lot of sympathy for Margie and Luke after their run-in with Kisha and Jen—deaf or not, you don’t elbow a woman in the head. But I still would have liked to see them overcome and win (who, by the way, has the bigger disadvantage in the race: a fit young deaf guy or a middle-aged woman?), and Luke’s telling Margie how lucky he was to have he as a mom did, I admit, choke me up a little. On Mother’s Day, yet! 

For that matter, even if Cara and Jaime won few friends on the race, it would have been something had they pulled in out, given that the ex-cheerleader were the sort of standard eye-candy team that usually ends up in 8th or 9th place. That said, after eleven legs of the race, I still could not remember which of them was which, so it’s not like I was broken up by their loss. It was nice to see Mel and Mike again, though.

Your thoughts? Or did you watch that other triumph of the human spirit, Celebrity Apprentice, instead?