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The Morning After: Boldly Go

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Last night, to cleanse the experience of the NBC infront from my mind, I went to a screening of Star Trek. I might blog about it more later in the week; for now, I’ll say I liked it a lot, especially how the prequel stayed true to the spirit of the characters without being slavish toward the original series. Then again, I’m not much of a Star Trek purist—either of any of the series or the movies—so I’m more inclined to judge the movie on its own terms than on its faithfulness to the source. I was a little annoyed by the distracting parade of familiar catchphrase introductions—”Dammit, Jim,” etc. each got their own curtain call—but I suppose with a franchise like this you gotta do what you gotta do. 

Oh, and I’m still not sure what an immense canyon was doing in Iowa, but maybe there is some Trek backstory or junior-high geography I’m forgetting: 

Anyway, I did little TV watching last night other than HIMYM, so we’ll make this a true Morning After open thread. House? Big Bang Theory? 24? Anyone?