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The Morning After: Heroes, Welcome?

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I’ll be upfront here and say that I am not in the best position to assess last night’s Heroes finale. (Brief spoilers follow, if you’re concerned about that.) Heroes lost me early on this season, and I checked in on volume four only intermittently. Still, intrigued by having heard that the show was on an upswing, I had to at least watch the finale.

On the one hand, taken on its own—once I got oriented to the whole who’s-shape-shifting-and-who’s-real business—it was not a bad hour of television, brisk and pared-down enough to the central characters. (Having the Peter/Nathan/Sylar fight happen behind closed doors was a nice touch.)

On the other hand, there was also enough that reminded me of what I’d gotten tired of about Heroes, like the not-quite-deaths (or in this case, a not-quite-resurrection). And could anyone seriously have thought for a second that thirty seconds of Parkman’s mind-melding was going to permanently take the Sylar out of Sylar? Yeah, that’s going to last. 

Assuming Heroes is going to stay on the air a while longer, I may just have to stick with this routine of watching only the volume’s premiere and finale. With all the time I save, I can take up a hobby! But what did those of you who also watched all the long middle parts think?