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Lostwatch: Not-Lostwatch Edition

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If I were more enterprising, I would have edited together a “clip post” of previous Lostwatch posts to fill time until ABC airs a proper episode of Lost next week. But I didn’t, and if I had, you probably would have felt all cheated and bitter and sad, like I did when I watched the 15 minutes or so of last night’s Lost clip show that I could stomach.

The only thing I took away from that partial viewing was how impressed I was that the editors managed to put together a narrative that managed to give no new information to fans of the show, while offering a timeline to non-fans that managed to strip out almost everything interesting about Lost’s story. 

If you watched the whole thing and found something worth discussing, discuss it here. Otherwise, here’s a question: if we have no choice but to get filler episodes from ABC, isn’t there anything more interesting the network could do? Hell, why not just tape a Paley Center panel with the producers and cast and slap that on the air for an hour?