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Whatchoo Talkin' 'Bout, TVGuide.com?

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Damn you, TVguide.com-the-website-no-longer-affiliated-with-the-magazine-but-still-affiliated-with-the-cable-channel! Damn you to hell with your frenetic, link-bait list-making! Damn you for making me expend actual energy into disagreeing with your list of the 16 Greatest TV Catchphrases!

For starters, there’s the no. 1 choice—I won’t spoil it here—which is possibly not even the best catchprase from the series from which it is taken. But my God—no “Sit on it”? (Or even “Aaaaaaaaaay”?) No “One of these days, Alice…”? Conversely, much as I love Lost, their selection (#12) doesn’t count as a legitimate catchphrase by any stretch of the imagination. 

By the way, tvguide.com’s rendering of “Holy ___, Batman!” (#5) does not mean to imply that Robin responded to every shocking situation by uttering a foul expletive that could not be repeated on network TV. But from now on I’m going to imagine it that way.