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Now You Show Me Your Twitter

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Ah, I’m just never going to get tired of writing headlines like that! It occurred to me that, after I posted yesterday about joining Twitter partly to be able to follow other writers’ feeds, I didn’t actually mention who any of those other writers were.

Besides several of Tuned In’s longtime favorite TV, media and culture critics, I’ve been following Rainn Wilson, The Office’s Dwight and a prolific tweeter with over 200,000 “followers.”

(I believe, by the way, that using the term “followers” is a big reason Twitter has become so popular. Who doesn’t want followers? Who does not want to imagine himself a charismatic demagogue, leading an army of devoted followers willing to rend your enemies limb from limb at your slightest command? Go forth, my pretties! Kill! KILL!) 

Through Rainn—you know, we’re on a first-name basis what with me being a follower and all—I also discovered that Paul Feig, creator of Freaks and Geeks (and sometime director of The Office), is now on Twitter. His newest thing is writing short stories within Twitter’s 140-character limit, to wit

Desperate to fit in, he laughed way too loudly. They told him to settle down. He went home and replayed the scene for the rest of his life.

If you’re on Twitter, who else should I be following? And if you missed the link in the right-hand column, you can follow my Twitter feed here. Come and join my silent army of the night!