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The Morning After: Oh, You're Still On the Air?

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The reviews for the first night of Jimmy Fallon’s talk show came in yesterday, many of which were not charitable. As mentioned yesterday, the very idea of reviewing a nightly talk show on the basis of its first night is unfair and kind of ridiculous. 

Therefore, in the interest of fairness, I hereby pledge to review Late Night with Jimmy Fallon every night until it goes off the air

No, just kidding. But if anyone out there has thoughts on Jimmy’s second show, feel free to share them. (Was this the first incidence of Facebook-status-update humor in late night? And an Internet Video of the Day? Were talk-show hosts in 1975 doing nightly CB-radio humor bits? Did Johnny Carson have a handle? And what happens when Jimmy runs out of people with whom to reminisce over old SNL clips?)

I’m also curious to hear what you thought of the return of Reaper, which I had not got around to reviewing (the return episode, I thought, was a slight step back, although I saw some promise in episode three, which The CW also sent out). Or, for the real gluttons for punishment, The Bachelor: The Final After The Final Rose Special, Part XVIII, or whatever it was called.