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Bachelorgate Day 2: The Secret E-Mails!

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Following Monday night’s bombshell end of The Bachelor, Access Hollywood has posted what it says are e-mails exchanged between Melissa and Jason after the taping of the reunion special on which he threw her over for runner-up Molly. (h/t tvtattle.)

If you respect Melissa and Jason’s privacy—and who doesn’t respect the privacy of two stars of a primetime dating show?—then you will not read them. Naturally, I didn’t. But, you know, if you chose to, you’d see that Jason attempted to foist off responsibility for the public deep-sixing (“The producers had a lot to do with it”) and that—maybe surprisingly for someone on a TV dating show—Melissa seems genuinely hurt and angry, the way people in real relationships do when they get dumped. (“You are a grown man, and perfectly capable of making your own decisions.”)

At least that’s what I’m guessing the e-mails say. Something like that. Because like I said, I would never read them. 

Now: does anyone doubt that Melissa has an edition of The Bachelorette in her future? (Update: Well, not next time around, anyway—third-place Jillian will headline the next season.) And any chance of getting Ty a reality show in which he gets to pick a new dad?