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Vacation Robo-Post: Recasting Call

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Dollhouse‘s second episode airs tonight, and it’s one that I enjoyed much more than I did the pilot. (A third episode—the one airing in two weeks—was not as good, which was one big reason for my recommended-with-reservations review.) This episode did not, though, erase my misgivings about Eliza Dushku as an actress, though she has some good action scenes.

In her review of Dollhouse in the New York Times last week, Alessandra Stanley made a comparison I wish I had thought of: namely, that Summer Glau does much, much more with her role in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, playing someone (in this case a robot, not a memory-wiped human) who does not have a strictly human “personality,” yet making her a distinct character nonetheless through a layered performance. 

Well, Summer Glau wouldn’t have been available anyway. But this brings me to my last robo-question of the week. Think of one weak performer in a TV series (one you love, or one you don’t). If you had your choice of any actor in the world, who would you recast the role with?

Think of it as your own little chance to play Dollhouse. And I’ll see you next week.