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The Tuned In Love Triangle Poll

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Speaking of The Office, last night’s episode, with the return of Rashida Jones, reminded me of the spirited Team Pam versus Team Karen debates we had back in the day. Why is it so irresistible to argue over fictional—and for that matter, real—love triangles? I think because we believe that you can tell something about a person’s soul by which side they choose. I’m not sure what it is you can tell, but something. 

I also wonder if there’s a correlation between people’s choices in different love triangles: if the same people who pick Team Pam were also on Team Aniston, and so forth. Maybe, maybe not. But let’s do a poll and see what we come up with. Did you root for…

The Office: Karen or Pam?

Dawson’s Creek: Dawson or Pacey?

Felicity: Ben or Noel?

Lost: Jack or Sawyer?

Me: Karen, Pacey, Noel, Sawyer. What does it mean? Maybe that I like to root for the underdog.

Anyway, post your picks, and let’s see if we can’t detect a pattern. Hooray for highly unscientific research!