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Office Watch: Road Trip!

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Brief spoilers for last night’s Office coming up after the jump: 

“To be continued”! You bastards!

I wasn’t crazy about either of the subplots on last night’s Office. (Although: Kelly was in juvie? Inquiring mindsa wants to know more!) But the main storyline showed what a good setup for the season Michael’s relationship with Holly has been—his Dunder-Mifflin road trip with Pam brought both the funny and the touching as Michael decided, inspired by Pam’s encounter with Karen, to get the closure he needs. In particular, it was a good choice to pair him up with Pam—doing it for the time and a half—because it played well off her put-upon yet oddly supportive relationship with him. 

A few favorite moments: 


* The look on Pam’s face as she throws the mini-Mounds bars to Michael’s audience

* Karen and her new husband dressed up as a hot dog and hamburger 

* Michael’s learning the Pledge of Allegiance by setting it to the tune of Old McDonald Had a Farm

* And, OK, Andy’s courtship of Stanley’s client did produce a couple beauties. First, the conversation with Phyllis: “For your information,  Phyllis, I have been with lots of beautiful women.” “Sexually?” “This conversation is over.” And Creed’s advice: “This is how I got Squeaky Fromme…” Dude must have had one crazy 1970s.