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Heroes Watch: Getting the Band Back Together

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Brief thoughts on last night’s Heroes after the jump:

Professional curiosity and some strange sense of habit requires me to give a probationary chance to the new chapter of Heroes, after having bailed on the fall installment a few episodes in. The cons and pros of the debut:

CON: Well, the show is pretty much X-Men now, isn’t it? I mean, I am not a hardcore comic geek; I know about and never much cared about the charges that the show had been cribbing from various comics. But the whole business of the government rounding up mutants—even to this layman, that seems played out. The show still seems to indulge one of its core flaws, changing characters’ personalities and powers as necessary to suit the plot. (Say if you need to generate suspense as to whether a character who used to be able to fly can survive a plane crash.) I’m not even going to talk about plot implausibilities—if you respect the integrity of the characters, I can over look those. Finally, the only thing scary about Sylar is his dialogue. 

PRO: On the other hand, it is probably a wise choice to get the characters working together—and this time, to do it quick, rather than separate them and then spending half the arc figuring out reasons to get them back together again. And the final plane-crash scene was really nicely done, just on the level of aesthetics, action and feeling; it rekindled memories of the time I cared about these characters as people. 

I can’t promise I’ll stick around, but I’ll come back for one more and see where this is going. Your thoughts?