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Big Love and FOTC Watch: Super Monday Edition

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Very brief spoilers for last night’s Big Love and Flight of the Conchords after the jump:

Last night’s HBO series were each the last of three episodes HBO sent for review in advance, but between the Super Bowl and this week’s projects, I’m not going to have the chance to revisit them, so I’ll leave this an open thread. 

The major developments in Big Love included Lois’ apparent murder of Frank, which I had doubted she’d go through with. I’ve run out of superlatives for Grace Zabriskie, but here she got a chance to be more than comic relief; you could tell, as she tried the asphyxiating oven bag on herself, that as much as she hates Frank, she was still reluctant to take the final step of ending him. And, of course, the revelation of Nicki’s earlier pairing off by Roman, at age 15 (?–if memory serves). This is shaping up to be a huge season for Chloe Sevigny, and I’m curious to look back at some of her scenes in earlier seasons to see how they look in light of this—but that’s not going to happen any time soon. 

Meanwhile, this episode of FOTC was probably my least favorite of the three I was sent, though I enjoyed the subplot of Jemaine and Murray being harassed by the boorish Australians (including Alan Dale!) perhaps more than I should have. Except for the West Side Story parody, the main story didn’t do as much for me. Your thoughts?