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Friday Night Open Thread

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New episodes of Friday Night Lights and Battlestar Galactica tonight, but it may be a while before I blog about them, if at all. Tonight is movie night with Tuned In Jr. Jr., and I cannot violate the sanctity of movie night. I also don’t want to violate the sanctity of not-staying-up-past-midnight-blogging-on-a-Friday-night.

In the meantime, use this thread to comment, check out the post on FNL (and, I assume, BSG) at Alan Sepinwall’s blog, as well as the promised post-BSG interview with Ronald Moore Mark Verheiden at Mo Ryan’s blog

I may or may not catch up with the shows over the weekend, but my Sunday night is committed: once again, I have (been) volunteered to review every single Super Bowl ad (except the ones I miss) for time.com.

Which reminds me: Is anyone interested in a Super Sunday-night open thread at Tuned In? I promise not to steal your comments for my own Super Bowl ad reviews.