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I Have Seen Another Episode of Dollhouse

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When I screened the pilot of Joss Whedon’s upcoming sci-fi series about humans with erasable memories, the subsequent post got picked up and eagerly pored over within the Whedonverse. So I feel a kind of obligation to my public, and to my traffic reports, to note that Fox has sent me a second episode. 

I’m going to be a bit of a tease this time, though, and not really review it or give away details. I’m in the middle of writing my actual honest-to-God Dollhouse review for TIME and I want to get straight just what exactly I think about this series first. But it is worth noting that, where the pilot seems to promise a more self-contained, mission-of-the-week approach to the series, with serial elements woven in, the second episode gets serial with a vengeance: there’s another “assignment” for Echo the Active (Eliza Dushku), but this one ties in intimately with Echo’s history and the backstory of the Dollhouse, where she’s kept (semi-voluntarily) and rented out. A backstory which could potentially get very bendy indeed. 

You probably have more questions and I probably won’t answer them right away. But it’s looking like, whatever problems there may or may not be with Joss Whedon’s new series, a lack of ambition is not going to be among them.