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Because it is more interesting to write about things people are saying about Trust Me than it is to write about Trust Me itself, I direct you to costar Eric McCormack’s not-entirely-unjustified complaint that it’s not really fair to compare the show (as I did myself) with Mad Men. In the New York Times

Q. What about “Mad Men”? Obviously there are going to be comparisons.

MR. MCCORMACK Here’s the thing. I got these statistics because I asked for them. There are right now 39 …

MR. CAVANAGH I thought you weren’t going to be a stat man. It’s 37, I think.

MR. MCCORMACK … 37 crime shows on the air, there’s 17 law shows and 19 medical shows. There have been three advertising shows in history.

MR. CAVANAGH (humming) While you do that, I just want to do building music.

MR. MCCORMACK Don’t do building music. There was “Bewitched,” there was “Thirtysomething” and then there is “Mad Men” on AMC. You’ve seen the pilot so you know they’re totally different shows. They might as well be a medical show versus a law show.

Oh, Mr. McCormack. Those who forget Bosom Buddies are doomed to repeat it.