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Big Love Watch: "We're a Catch!"

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Spoilers for last night’s Big Love coming up after the jump:

A lot of plot advancement on last night’s episode, so in the interest of concision and meeting my other deadlines, let’s get some of the spoilers out of the way quickly: 

* Sarah pregnant!

* Nicki on birth control!

* Joey’s new wife testifying against Roman!

* Don unwillingly monogamous!

* Barb not dying!

* Frank knocked out cold with a shovel by someone who is not Lois!

It’s testimony to the richness of Big Love and the skill with which it has set up the storylines that, as crowded as this episode was, each of these developments had its time to play out—or at least, have a brief, affecting reveal—while at the same time moving ahead the stories of the casino pitch and the courtship of Ana. It’s also testimony to the show’s grounding in its own reality that it can unfold bizarre, creepy scenes like the compound-runaway’s crash pad and yet have them seem utterly natural within the show’s context. 

That said, the show can still get you attention with a line like, “Why are you massaging that bird’s anus with a Q-Tip?,” which I plan to work into casual conversation as soon as possible. And another excellent performance from Chloe Sevigny, who manages to carry both dramatic weight and some of the episode’s best comic-relief lines: “What does she want? She got the front seat, and they gave her endless refills.”

We ended the episode with “Just us” on an immense indoor family picnic at Ana’s apartment. What prognosis do you give this courtship?