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The Morning After: Happy Lost Day! Edition

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It is the most important holiday on the annual Tuned In calendar, which is to say: It’s Mrs. Tuned In’s birthday! And Mrs. Tuned In is getting a very special present this year—the return of Lost—which means that it’s also… Lost Day! Meaning that, unless Barack Obama manages to get himself inaugurated again or news of similar magnitude breaks, today is All Lost, All the Time. 

I thought I’d borrow some discussion topics from the Lost panel I did at the Paley Center last Saturday. For instance, our moderator asked: what do you think of Fringe, as J. J. Abrams’ follow-up to Lost? Since Fringe returned last night—in a kind of Remember Us? relaunch—I thought I’d put it to you for this Lost Day-themed The Morning After: Do you see any of Lost in Fringe?