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The Morning After: Montana '36!

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To get into the spirit for today’s Inauguration liveblog, I decided that I had to watch Disney Channel’s Kids’ Inaugural: We Are the Future (also known as Sasha and Malia’s reward for putting up with Dad running for President).

What does that future look like? Look for the election of President Cyrus in about 2036 or so, for one thing. Actually, the show did provide an interesting contrast to HBO’s We Are One inaugural concert on Sunday. The HBO concert was an example of multiculturalism the way grown-ups practice it: a little country music for you, and some rock for you, and some hip-hop for you… The kids’ version—as practiced, of course, by a homogenizing corporate pop-culture machine—is more synthesized: shiny teens of various and indeterminate ethnicities performing a single, admittedly shamelessly commercial, style of music that throws all the aforementioned styles into one upbeat Disney blender. 

Not being eleven, though, there was only so much of that I could take, so I also caught last night’s How I Met Your Mother. Enjoyed the Marshall and Lily subplot, but the business of Barney being in love with Robin when it’s convenient and playing college-girl bingo when it’s not is getting a little tired. And after processing the retroactive time-shift of the episode’s Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday ending twist, I think my brain is just about ready for Lost tomorrow night.