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Mars Has Gas; Science Channel Has It Covered

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Though it’s currently buried in the news cycle by the plane crash in New York City, news has also broken today that scientists have discovered methane in Mars’ atmosphere. The significance of the news, evidently, is that methane is often generated by life, “because organisms release much of Earth’s methane as they digest nutrients.” In other words—and I’m loosely translating for the layman here—we may be talking Martian farts. 

Did you put up this post simply so you could type the phrase “Martian farts,” James? Why yes. Yes, I did. But it’s fascinating news all the same, and for those of you—or your various Jrs.—who might be interested, Science Channel has announced special coverage beginning tonight at 8 p.m. E.T. 

Political bonus question: Were the Martians waiting to reveal themselves until there was little chance George W. Bush could pre-emptively attack them?