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TV Tonight: FNL Ends / Gets Ready to Begin

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For most of you, Friday Night Lights returns in two days on NBC. For those of you with DirecTV, Season 3 ends tonight. I probably made a mistake leaving FNL off my best-of-2008 list in December—while this season didn’t quite match the first, it did get back to the same sort of intimate stories and provided closure for longtime characters. And after seeing tonight’s and last week’s episodes, I may just have to rectify that for 2009. Last week, in particular, was one of the most gorgeous and moving endings I can recall for an FNL episode—no spoilers, but if you watched, you know what I mean—and tonight’s episode puts a neat period on the school year for the characters, while leaving the door open a crack for a Season 4, however unlikely that is. (But if you want it to happen, get all your friends to watch Friday.)