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Vacation Robo-Post: Return of LDG!

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With Lost returning in three weeks, it’s as good a time as any to bring back Lost Discussion Group. Since last we convened, ABC has released a couple “sneak peek” clips from the coming season, so let’s kick it off with those. The first brings us up to speed with Kate, Aaron, and Angela Chase’s dad from My So-Called Life: 

After the jump, the second re-introduces Jack and Ben, beginning their quest to get the band back together:

A few quick thoughts: 

* Lost is one of those shows that does adults better than kids—with the exception of precocious child-adults like Walt—so I’m not dying to see a lot more Aaron scenes. That said, who is it who’s so anxious to know his parentage? 

* I have no special knowledge of this but, Ben being Ben, I have to wonder already if he knows more about what happened on the Island, or what will happen on the Island, than he’s letting on. 

* Speaking of the Island, that’s what we all really want to know about, right? How long before Lost takes us back there? And how concerned are you about the amount of time season 5 will spend off-Island?

[Update: Yes, ABC is previewing the first two episodes for critics. No, I haven’t watched yet. Yes, I will soon. No, I won’t spill any details even after I do. Yes, I am trying to torture you.]