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Vacation Robo-Post: Anything But TV Edition

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You’re renaissance people, you Tuned Inlanders. You have vast life experiences and catholic interests that inform your television viewing. And so it is that we set aside one day to remember those things besides TV shows that rocked your world—entertainment-wise or otherwise—in 2008. Here are just a few of mine:

* Stay Positive by the Hold Steady

* Having an excuse, courtesy of the Tuned In Jrs., to re-watch the entire Star Wars saga. And visit the Star Wars exhibit at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia. And learn how to properly pronounce “Kashyyyk.”

* Wall*e

* Finally getting an iPhone and, thereby, becoming one of those annoying people who shows you all the things you can do with his iPhone. 99% of which are useless, of course. But I’ve almost figured out the intro to Long Distance Runaround on PocketGuitar!

* 2666. Well, the part of 2666 I’ve read so far. Actually finishing 2666 can wait for the 2009 list. Or 2010. Or 2666.