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Fallen Idol?

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I’ve been remiss about updating you on the flurry of American Idol news lately, mainly from not caring. Oh, I’ll still watch Idol—though I may skip the audition rounds—but I’m not certain any of the twiddling is going to change the core show much, or change the fact that it’s not the new thing anymore and is likely to keep shedding viewers. 

But in summary: There’s a new judge. There will be more semifinalists. It will be more “aspirational.” Paula is staying, unless she’s leaving. And there will be no Idol Gives Back, because hey, who needs charity in a recession/depression? 

As I said, I’m not sure how much stock to place in this because, as much as the judges can manipulate us, we still largely get the American Idol we vote for. But this show is all about democracy, or the appearance thereof, so I’ll ask you: What do you want from American Idol in 2009?