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And Speaking of Iraq…

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… did any Tuned Inlanders catch the last installment of HBO’s House of Saddam? Judging from the underwhelming response my review got, I’m guessing not. But maybe it was just the review. As I wrote then, I admired but was not especially captivated by the miniseries, partly because it simply dramatized a lot of events already familiar from the news, partly because I didn’t feel it shed much light on Saddam himself, other than some stabs at unhappy-childhood / pushy-mother psychologizing. 

But of the two nights, the second was the more interesting to me, because it focused on some of the less-hashed-over parts of his life–the period between the two wars with the U.S., and his exploits in hiding before he was pulled out of his spider hole. (Shame there was no chance for a Generation Kill cast cross-over.) Did anyone here stick it out, like him, to the bitter end?