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Jericho Fans Have New Network to Mail Peanuts To

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Jericho is back! Not back back, but still, in a way, back!

The CW has canceled its Sunday night schedule, outsourced to Media Rights Capital to produce, which means the end of Valentine and Easy Money, the latter of which I will apparently be the only person in America to miss. And it’s replacing the shows with… reruns. Including reruns of cancelled CBS cult favorite Jericho

Which means, if nothing else, some free publicity and media. Because sure as nuclear night follows the thousand-suns day of an atomic explosion, the fans of the postapocalyptic drama will go all kinds of keeer-azy trying to get The CW to bring the show back to life in originals.

And who knows? It worked once. Skeet Ulrich doesn’t appear to be that busy. My advice: buy stock in Planter’s.