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The Morning After: She's Gotta Have One

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The chief question I have after last night’s How I Met Your Mother is: Was “The Cheerleader Effect”—Barney’s theory of how unattractive women look better in groups—a cryptic slam at Heroes? Beyond that, not much to comment on in last night’s fair but unremarkable episode. The chief storyline, in which Lily and Marshall decide to have a baby, after which Lily gets cold feet, seemed a little forced, mainly because the cold feet were so quickly dispensed with, and because making decisions and then getting cold feet is just what people do on How I Met Your Mother. (Also, Alyson Hannigan’s got a bun in the oven. Of course they’re going to make her pregnant on the show!) Otherwise, the episode seemed mostly to be spinning it’s wheels (speaking of which, how many more eps until Barney conveniently remembers that he’s into Robin again?)

We’ll see whether HIMYM manages to get Lily to conceive and deliver by the end of May sweeps, or if complications intervene. But for now, it looks like at least somebody is going to finally meet his or her mother.