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Heroes: Connections

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Since Heroes is a show about synchronicities and loosely-connected global events, here’s a few related links this morning: 

* The New York Times weighs in on the show’s ratings and creative troubles, which have led to firings and shakeups, and have caused agita at the network’s highest levels. (One good point the piece makes: it’s hard to imagine any “fix” taking effect soon, since season 3 is already mostly written.) 

* You know him as Hiro’s dad, and before that as Sulu, but George Takei was also one of the leading celeb opponents of California’s Proposition 8, which banned gay marriage. Time.com has an interview with him here. 

* And not to get all navel-gazy, but it’s no secret that my employer, Time Inc.—like pretty much every other area of the media I write about here—has run into trouble in this economy, and one of the titles (besides Time) that’s taken an advertising hit has been Entertainment Weekly. So I have to point out that, as the NYT story notes, the shakeup at Heroes was partly prompted by Jeff Jensen’s EW cover story on the problems with Heroes. Criticism may not be able to save magazines, but it can still make heads roll!