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Dollhouse: I Want to Believe

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Fox has a new trailer out for Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse, coming out in January:

I’m way eager to see an episode. And, I’ll be honest, a little nervous. Not because of the reported production problems, reshoots and stops and starts, but because of the concept. A show about a heroine who has been stripped of her memories and personality, who essentially plays a new “character” week after week (as the show is described, anyway) sounds like a great showcase for an actress, so I can understand why Eliza Dushku would want the show as a vehicle. But it doesn’t sound like a recipe for creating a character whose story you can get invested in. 

On the other hand, this is Joss Whedon, who has earned a little trust if any TV creator has, so if someone can pull off a high-degree-of-difficulty concept, it’s him. And I base my worries on nothing more than my gut reaction to the way the show was described. But I hope I’ll feel better when I see more. 

In any case, this trailer doesn’t add much to our knowledge, but, hey—we’ve got to talk about something now that the election is over. Tell me I have nothing to worry about.