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Happy Haunting

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As you all know, today is the most important holiday of the year. I’m knocking off early for trick-or-treating / candy-handing-out duty, then to count the number of Sarah Palin imitators at the Park Slope Halloween parade this evening.

I leave you with this holiday treat. Unfortunately, Hulu inexplicably does not offer Freaks and Geeks in an official version, but I hope Judd Apatow will understand that I embed this YouTube clip only with love: 

Note that (1) The Office last night was far from the first comedy to make the Chaplin/Hitler joke and (2) Haverchuck as the (original) Bionic Woman: possibly best F&G sight gag ever. 

Have a great weekend. And watch out for those fake candy bars the hippies are going to be handing out!