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The Morning After: Re-Starter Wife

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USA Network Photo: Isabella Vosmikova

Friday night, USA’s The Starter Wife graduated from miniseries to full-fledged series. I neglected to point you to my brief review from the last print TIME, but better—or at least no worse—late than never:

At last, a Gossip Girl for the old people! Reprising her role from the smash miniseries, Debra Messing is author and recent divorcee Molly Kagan, trying to keep herself and her daughter afloat in a sea of affluence populated by smarmy L.A. sharks. Predictable but pithy, Wife takes itself no more seriously than the Hollywood-haves it skewers.

Not, in other words, something I’m more likely to spend any more time with than I already have, but successful at its own very limited aims. (Also, Judy Davis, as Molly’s cynical friend, is the best thing in the show.) Any fans out there?