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Tuned In Suspension Suspended

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Earlier I said I was suspending further posts on the campaign/debate suspension issue. I lied. Get over it. Politics ain’t beanbag.

This one isn’t really political, though. David Letterman’s ranting against John McCain last night is currently the number one video on YouTube. But not the minute-and-a-half official CBS video I embedded earlier (which has just over 5,000 views right now). It’s this much longer, unofficial clip (which has 800,000):

As I mentioned earlier, the CBS clip omits some of Letterman’s best, fiercest stuff. So the question is: why would CBS not include that stuff, thus inviting 1970oaktree to steal their eyeballs?

* Is it because the Letterman clip involves an internecine swipe at the CBS Evening News? (At around 7:00, Letterman has his producer air the internal feed of McCain getting made up at the desk with Katie.) Maybe–though, in that case I’m surprised they posted the Craig Ferguson monologue, which accused McCain of choosing “softballs with Katie” over Letterman.

* Did CBS not want to call too much attention of its host trashing McCain and running a feed of him, unawares, in a compromised position?

* Does CBS just not like to post very long Letterman excerpts?

Maybe it’s all or none of these. But the lesson is: In the YouTube era, if you don’t post the juicy stuff, someone else will.

And now I resume my suspension.