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Mad Men Takes a Week Off

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Thanks to Mad Men and Breaking Bad, AMC finally got nominated for a passel of Emmys this year, which meant that at some point, someone at the network was bound to remember that they were being aired next Sunday, opposite its marquee show. So AMC has announced that it’s pushing back episode 9 of season 2, and thus the rest of the season, a week:

The network’s new Mad Men schedule:

Sunday, September 21: Episode 204 “Three Sundays” (ENCORE)
Sunday, September 28: Episode 209 “Six Month Leave”
Sunday, October 5: Episode 210 “The Inheritance”
Sunday, October 12: Episode 211 “The Jet Set”
Sunday, October 19: Episode 212 “The Mountain King”
Sunday, October 26: Episode 213 “Meditations on an Emergency” (SEASON FINALE)