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J-Lo's Miracle Foot Cure; or, Project Runway Judging More Strenuous Than Triathlon

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Sept. 12, 2008:

The big surprise at the Project Runway fall show in Bryant Park this morning was not which contestants were showing but who was sitting on the other side of the judges’ table. The guest judge for the finale is… Jennifer Lopez! Not! Actually, Heidi Klum took to the runway to inform us, J-Lo canceled at the last minute because of “a foot injury.” Did I detect a note of skepticism in Heidi’s voice? Also, isn’t the work of a judge pretty much done entirely while sitting?

Sept. 14, 2008:

Jennifer Lopez finished the Nautica Malibu Triathalon Sunday in a little over two hours – a feat made all the more impressive considering the mysterious “foot injury” that forced her to drop out as a judge of the “Project Runway” finale two days earlier.

For the record, J-Lo’s publicist says the injury was real, and the singer/actress/triathlete was “rehabbed” before the race. I understand that the new foot is solid metal and can shoot lasers.